Home Sweet Home!

Thank you for visiting! I am SO pumped you are joining me on this adventure. Bare with me here as I get my feet wet with blogging again. I was feeling a bit irked at my attempts to keep a blog current and decided I needed to start fresh. I had a bit of a “God moment” and felt the urge to start saying yes to new opportunities and ideas concerning my crafting business and so… I did it. I created a new blog for my crafty fans to visit! Here you will see my latest work, a few oldies (but goodies) and what I have been up to lately. My goal is to keep you updated on my orders, let you get to know me a bit more and introduce you to a few of my fellow business owners during collaborations.

Here you will find fun and affordable items you can purchase from me and some of my various terms that make me giggle like “rad, stoked, pumped, sweet and dude!” and there will be contests, DIY projects, featured business highlights and lots of fun orders to show off. So come on in, sit right down and enjoy the sweet goodness that is She’s Crafty.

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