Summer Time Sweetness

Soooo it’s July and I am just now getting back to my poor little neglected blog. But guess what? I have a website! But more about that in a minute.
After a long winter and way more snow than I ever want to see again it is SUMMER! I have been pretty busy with home life now that my kiddos are out of school but have found time in the evenings to work on orders. My studio is so cool and comfortable on those hot nights. Sometimes…when I’m down there…I wear a sweater. Eep! Wanna see my space?!

Welcome to my crafty dojo {please remove your shoes}

craft room 1

Whaaaat? Paper organized by color?

craft room 5

Paper and punches and ribbon, oh my! I assure you, this is never as clean and organized.

craftroom 2craft room 6

I made this space in the fall last year and absolutely love it. I began this journey at the dinner table a few years ago, and if you’ve been there you know how awesome it is to have your “shtuff”  in a designated area as opposed to all over the table only to move it around to make room for dinner or homework. Or you turn around for a moment and your toddler “improved” your work with some lovely crayon artwork. It is located in our lower level and out of the way.  I had an idea for a craft space but the kits in the stores were amazingly expensive! So with 2 bookshelves, some pegboard and screws, anchors and folding table I created my studio for about $110 and to top it off without any help from anyone, which is super rad. Plus I raided the Dollar Tree for wire baskets and plastic tubs for organization. {pssst, paper organizers were $2 for a 3 pack at Ikea!}  Now I can hide… err I mean work in a kid free zone and finish up orders quickly and with far more space to make messes in.

Oh yes, my website! After getting a few quotes on web design I realized my wish list was a bit high. So I decided to be a true DIY’er and make my own. Needs a bit of tweaking but it’s done! Here you can find out a bit more about me, how to order and keep up on pics of orders and my own projects. And when you’re feeling down, a photo of me in a moustache is awesome and available for giggles 🙂 I also have a really exciting product to offer in September once the final private reviews are in. I am so pumped to show you what’s new!  So visit, share, and lemme know what you think!





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