Harvest Party “Punch a Prize”

This weekend my friend and I co-hosted a fun and kid friendly Harvest party. Once we set a date we scoured the internet for fun ideas and I came across a “punch a prize” project that looked like the perfect activity for toddlers and big kids alike! Think indoor piñata with no one hoarding all of the fallen goodies or getting a beat down by a blind batter 🙂

So here it is, in all of it’s glory. Prepare yourselves for dim photos {hey…it was rainy and dark out and hubby has yet to replace the kitchen light bulb} and super simple instructions to make your punch a prize. You can change colors to fit your theme, even put your cups into a shape such as a cupcake, pumpkin, apple-the possibilities are endless!

First you begin with what you see here. Foam board {Dollar Tree} large box, plastic cups, tissue paper, glue, knife and goodies of course! You can also paint your box but I didn’t mind leaving it unpainted.


Begin by placing cups and tracing them. You can get as scientific as you like with creating your columns but I figured this was ok for me to eyeball because it would be punched by a bunch of kids and may not make it through the party.

006 008

Once you have all of your holes traced you can begin cutting through. It would be good to cut just inside your lines so your cup doesn’t slide through all of the way. Then you can trace your circles on to your box and cut.


Once you have both cut you will want to put your cup through and be sure it fits before you glue the foam to the base. Any crafting or all purpose glue will do. I love Tacky Glue myself.


Now the fun starts! Grab your kids, fills those cups and cover with tissue paper. I cut my tissue sheets into smaller squares about 8×8 inches. You can pinch the center of the cup as you shimmy it into position. It might take a few tries to get the hang of it.


I used my die cutting machine to create the title but you can paint it and add a cool design. Or even use a chalkboard marker to fancy it up. The kiddos could also decorate it with stickers.


Welp, the kids loved it! It was an easy way to win a fun prize and guess what? It held up very well so it will be used for my son’s 2nd grade Halloween class party! This was an easy project to make and took about an hour to create but totally worth it and versatile enough to use for any theme or occasion.

harvest party gameharvest party game 2


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